Meet The Kids' Happiness Action Series

It is a carefully-designed set of 25 inspiring picture book stories comprising five major themes, focusing on sustainable behavior, ethics,  success, self-management, and health.
It provides the opportunity for young citizens of the world to develop a positive moral identity and self-esteem, increase their knowledge – relevant to their age - on these “soft” aspects of personal development, as well as recognize, develop and mobilize their essential social skills.

Kids' Happiness Action Initiative

The Series also serves as a foundation for the Kids' Happiness Action Initiative - a social enterprise project aimed to contribute to the promotion of Sustainable Development Goals and “green” component in early childhood education globally.

Two Years of Work of Nine Experts

The 25 Stories of the Kids' Happiness Action Series are the result of more than two years of work of nine experts including professionals in psychology, sociology, sustainable development, as well as writers, editor, artists, and the designer.

5 Big Themes

Themes focusing on sustainable behavior, ethics,  success, self-management, and health.

9 Animal Characters

What happens with the nine animal characters in each story inspires, motivates, and transfers cultural values to children.

25 Inspiring Stories

Picture book stories for extra-curricular reading for children aged between 4 and 8 years old.

17 SDGs Explained

Seventeen Goals that shape up the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.

Nine Animal Characters


All 25 stories feature nine key animal characters who encounter various challenges in each new story and with the help of each other, emerge from challenging situations, transformed by their experiences.  What happens with the nine animal characters throughout each story is used to inspire, motivate, and transfer cultural values to children.

17 Sustainable Development Goals

Each story is preceded by the explanation of one of the seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals that is most relevant to the narrative of a given story.

The Sustainable Development Goals thus serve as a universal framework for interested children and their guardians to identify and choose societal challenges which they would like to explore further.